Who we are

Our home is like a tailored suit, which must be designed and made with extreme care in every detail according to our needs, both in terms of functionality and taste.

Interior Camagni

Only those who boast maximum professionalism; and expertise in the sector è able to offer the qualityà dell’ abitare and the design of concrete answers with the necessary attention to the small style details that make the 26-rsquo; unique environment, designed and studied to measure.

Camagni Interni was born in 1999 from the need to expand the historical range of kitchens. Thanks to the inclusion of the highest quality brandsà ;, è able to make all dreams come true in the 26-rsquo; environment of the 26-rsquo; furniture.

The approach since 1999

Never like today to live the contemporaneityà of our time è a pleasure that extends to the interior of our home and of all the spaces that compose it. Our image  it reflects on the place and the objects that inhabit it: the detail, the choice of quality materials, the color combinations and the lighting of the environment.

L’ use of materials of the highest level combined with innovative technology and know-how matured in over three generations, makes Camagni l’ company that research  the living style that più it belongs to us, combining the concept of beauty with that of comfort, the rigor of harmony, the avant-garde design and classic forms.