Equipped wall in textured wood with metal design corners

We are retailers of wooden home furnishings of the best brands: contact us and find out more! By studying the most current and particular housing needs, we select only the most exclusive and interesting furnishing solutions on the market, defined by great tailor-made personalization skills. Discover our line of furniture for the living room of the Fratelli Mirandola brand and you can complete your home with a unique style and the containment you need. The Unikawood 3 wall system by Fratelli Mirandola becomes the protagonist in rooms of all kinds thanks to its modular components and the possibility of selecting textures, materials, colors, shapes and much more. The modern equipped walls allow you to recreate different atmospheres in the living room, freeing up space and making the most of every corner.

Unikawood 3 wall system by Fratelli Mirandola

Do you want to set up a practical and dynamic stay? We offer you the Unikawood 3 Fratelli Mirandola wall unit with modern decisive lines.

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