Country kitchen in white lacquered wood, cobalt blue central island and detached wardrobe column

The choice of kitchen will depend, above all, on the shape of the room, its style and your needs for space, functionality and containment. Keep in mind that the room in question is an environment subject to the action of humidity and heat: the model in the photo therefore requires proper cleaning and maintenance. When choosing your new shabby-style wooden kitchen you will have to carefully evaluate some factors: the size of the environment, the aesthetics and the quality of the lighting in order to optimally decorate the space. With the Fiordo 02 kitchen by Fratelli Mirandola you can design the space relying on constant stylistic research and technological research. If you want to realize a unique project, able to emphasize the value of your spaces to the maximum, the Shabby Chic kitchens with island of the brand are ideal for you.

Fiordo 02 kitchen by Fratelli Mirandola

The Shabby Chic wooden kitchens are hyper functional solutions: click and find out more about the Fiordo 02 kitchen by Fratelli Mirandola.

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