SubZero-Wolf ICBBI-36R / S / TH single door refrigerator

SubZero-Wolf ICBBI-36R / S / TH single door refrigerator


Dimensions: 2134x914x610 mm (HxWxD)

Single door refrigerator Classic  ICBBI-36R / S / TH  with the following  features:  

Tubular handle (TH) o  professional handle (PH)

Gross volume: 712 l

Gross weight: 191 kg

Energy efficiency class: F

Noiseà ;: 32 dBa

Average annual consumption: 180 kWh

SubZero-Wolf ICBBI-36R / S / TH single door refrigerator


Air purification system:   advanced purification system of’ air  developed by NASA  which reduces  microbes, bacteria, odors and ethylene gas, - 26-nbsp; (harmless natural gas emitted by some foods when they mature) allowing così il  prolong the life cycle of food

Fresh Card:   freshness cards that report  useful information for the positioning and storage times of food all’ inside the refrigerator

Illuminated electronic control panel

Tilting grill in stainless steel  in the upper part: allows easy access for cleaning the condenser

Brilliant lighting: led lights diffuse brightness; throughout the refrigerator

Shelf adjustment: quick positioning of the watertight glass shelves with adjustment every 25 mm

Fully removable freshness-saving drawers equipped with self-closing guides

Airtight dairy compartments

Gap day function (Star K certified)


All Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers are built in the United States. In the Classic line, the case and the external finishes, doors and handles are in stainless steel, while the interiors are in aluminum painted in  ABS  (they do not peel and do not yellow) and the balconies are in   lexan, highly resistant transparent polycarbonate. Every single unità it is put into operation and fully tested before leaving the factory.

SubZero-Wolf ICBBI-36R / S / TH single door refrigerator

Types of Installation

Two types of installation can be chosen for this product line:

Abutment : the product is inserted into a niche and the doors and the grille remain protruding.

Flush : the product is placed in a niche and the doors and the grill remain flush with the built-in. In this type of installation, a gap of 13 mm is left between the edge of the door and the column to allow the door to open correctly.

Attention: for flush installation it is necessary to use the side profiles kit.

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