Retractable steel hood (excluding motor) ICBDD45 by SubZero-Wolf

Retractable steel hood (excluding motor) ICBDD45 by SubZero-Wolf


Dimensions: 356x1143x51 mm (HxWxD)

Retractable hood in ICBDD45 steel with the following characteristics:  

Available with external or internal motor to be chosen when ordering

Control panel with LED lights to be positioned on the top

The delayed shutdown function automatically switches off the hood

The heat detection function automatically turns on the hood when it senses excess heat

Steel filter cover with aluminum metal filter washable  in the dishwasher

Hood cover in steel

Three power levels

900 m3 / h internal d& # 39; suction motor supplied separately

External motor d& # 39; suction from 1521 m3 / h or 2028 m3 / h supplied  separately

The " equivalent length" of the canalization must never  exceed 12 meters

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