SubZero-Wolf stainless steel refrigerator / freezer with ICBPRO3650 ice maker

SubZero-Wolf stainless steel refrigerator / freezer with ICBPRO3650 ice maker


Dimensions: 2134x914x657 mm (HxWxD)

Refrigerator / freezer  with ice maker ICBPRO3650 with the following features:  

Completely in stainless steel

Gross refrigerator volume: 563 l

Gross freezer volume: 126 l

Gross weight: 286 kg

Energy efficiency class: F

Noiseà ;: 36 dBa

Average annual consumption: 368 kWh 

SubZero-Wolf stainless steel refrigerator / freezer with ICBPRO3650 ice maker


Dual system: il  double refrigeration system  allows for better quality  conservation of food and greater energy efficiency. The 2 compressors work independently: one for the refrigerator department, the other for the freezer. Così are obtained; two storage environments ideal for fresh food and frozen food

The  triple evaporator  allows you to set  differentiated temperatures in the upper section of the refrigerator and in the drawers  refrigerator. The result is two ideal storage environments for fresh foods. 

Air purification system:   advanced purification system of’ air  developed by NASA  which reduces  microbes, bacteria, odors and ethylene gas, - 26-nbsp; (harmless natural gas emitted by some foods when they mature) allowing così il  prolong the life cycle of food

Fresh Card:   freshness cards that report  useful information for the positioning and storage times of food all’ inside the refrigerator

Illuminated electronic control panel

Ventilation grille in stainless steel in the upper part with pneumatic opening for easy access and for periodic cleaning of the condenser

Brilliant lighting: led lights diffuse brightness; throughout the refrigerator

Internal water filter: improves the taste of water and ice by eliminating chlorine, odors, lead, mercury, benzene, asbestos

LED lighting system “ Soft on” with adjustable intensity

The drawers are fully removable and allow convenient access to food

The upper drawer with glass lid is equipped with a special closure to keep the humidity level high;

Temperatures are visible from the outside as in professional equipment

The electronic microprocessor guarantees constant temperature control and regulates the defrost phases, activating them only when necessary (intelligent NO FROST)

Max Ice:   this feature increases ice production by 40 # 37 over a 24 hour period

Ice container with a capacityà 3.6 kg

Gap day function (Star K certified)


Like all Sub-Zero refrigerators, the combo units of the Pro line are also built in the United States. Compared to the other two lines (Classic and Designer) in the Pro, in addition to the external case, also the internal lining, the shelves and the drawers are in stainless steel, to give a robust and professional design. Every single unit is put into operation and fully tested before leaving the factory.

SubZero-Wolf stainless steel refrigerator / freezer with ICBPRO3650 ice maker

Types of Installation

Two types of installation can be chosen for this product line:

- Abutment: the product is placed in a niche and the doors and the grille remain protruding

- Freestanding: the product is positioned freely

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