Oggioni's Lgt spring mattress is waiting for you: it will give you the right support for the spine

Oggioni offers a complete collection of well-made double spring mattresses, capable of satisfying everyone's sleep desires. If you are looking for the ideal mattress to meet your relaxation needs, which also ensures a peaceful everyday life, then you are in the right place. The considerable experience of the firm allows him to reach a high level in terms of ergonomics and comfort with his quality products. Among the spring mattresses that you can see firsthand with us, everyone will choose the ideal one for themselves, to be able to enjoy total relaxation. Quality materials, highly refined textile fibers and technology characterize this Lgt spring mattress by Oggioni and its other solutions.

Lgt spring mattress by Oggioni

If you want to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep, discover the double spring mattresses such as the Lgt Oggioni model.

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