Project 08

A modern luxury custom-made kitchen with full-height furniture lightened by the chromatic choice of white.

White is the distinctive character of this modern kitchen.

White is the distinctive character of this modern kitchen.

The full-height conformation is lightened by the choice of light colors enhanced in turn by the contrast with the wooden floor.

Living Area and Kitchen

The choice of full-height furniture is lightened in the chromatic dimension, and is enriched with meaning in a just mentioned contrast with the light wood flooring and the vaguely styled table.

The furnishing accessories chosen with care and extreme attention to detail contribute to an overall result that is undoubtedly coherent and warm.


The architect Livia Pansera is the owner of an architecture studio in Milan where she has been involved in the design and renovation of buildings both in Italy and abroad for years.

With her work team, Livia Pansera creates residences in cities and holiday resorts in Italy and abroad for private clients, with extreme attention to the layout of the rooms, to the construction and decorative details and to the research of materials, up to arrive at the choice of fabrics and furnishing objects as well as the personalized research, shared with the client, of works of art suitable for the spaces designed.

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