Spacious wooden wardrobe with glossy glass doors

To perfectly complete the furnishing concept, choose our Home Furnishing proposals of the best brands, beds, wardrobes and dressers diversified by good taste, size and material. The wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes with hinged doors must set up the bedroom ensuring perfect organization of the spaces and an exclusive stylistic research. Contact us for information and quotes and you will be able to complete the rest area you have always dreamed of thanks to a wide range of design containers such as this glass wardrobe in the photo. The rest area is dedicated to relaxation, therefore it must be furnished in the best possible way and complete with furniture and accessory objects capable of creating an environment that is always soothing. View wardrobe by Radice Mobili : fill out the form, contact us and give life to the relaxation room as you had dreamed of.

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