Discover our series of classic bathroom furniture and suspended wooden bathroom furniture, such as the Logico Composition B model

The wooden model we offer is designed to furnish the bathroom by combining the best features of practicality and design. Each component of classic bathroom furniture with suspended bathroom furniture of the brand contributes to making the destination room a beautiful and functional place. Great attention to detail guarantees the excellence that characterizes each series of Inda suspended bathroom furniture available in the showroom. The bathroom furniture programs of the Inda brand guarantee good opportunities for characterization, excellent design, lots of ergonomics and safety. A practically infinite choice of available finishes and current colors characterize the furniture of the renowned brand, synonymous with excellence in the field. Inda's wooden bathroom cabinet Logico Composition B is perfect for organizing a room that is beautiful to look at, functional and easy to use.

Logico Bathroom Cabinet Composition B by Inda

Suspended bathroom furniture Logico Composition B by Inda: discover the classic wooden bathroom furniture and furnish the bathroom at home.

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