A wide range of bedside tables and night and modern groups in wood by Tagliabue Mobili: discover the Aliant model

In the showroom a rich catalog of modern furniture and accessories of the well-known and well-known brand awaits you, a specialist in the production of home furnishings for the sleeping area. The bedside tables, dressers and night groups can be coordinated with the bed and wardrobe or can be in balanced contrast with them: the choice will be based on the real possibilities of space and on the search for a harmonious final effect. The Aliant bedside table by Tagliabue Mobili is one of the most original solutions capable of giving an accent of additional style to the room, using quality materials.

Aliant bedside table by Tagliabue Mobili

Discover Modern bedside tables and furniture with drawers Tagliabue Mobili! The Aliant model made of wood is the perfect purchase.

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