This K125 ICON suspended v2 metal model with modern lines is one of the Ponti Terenghi living room furniture ideal for making rooms accessible and comfortable

You can use these furniture as a multifunctional support surface, to store both everyday objects and purely decorative ones. Discover the most original space-saving solutions, such as the metal living room furniture shown in the photo, and bring to life the practical and dynamic living space you have always wanted. By turning to our interior designers, you can get all kinds of information about the K125 ICON suspended v2 Bookcase by Ponti Terenghi, which is visible here. The renowned brand produces modern suspended bookcases in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, shades, and colors to ensure maximum versatility. Enhance your spaces with Ponti Terenghi furniture and accessories: in the showroom, functional and beautifully designed products await you, always made from precious materials with refined aesthetics.

K125 ICON suspended bookcase v2 by Ponti Terenghi

Precious finishes and strong shapes: discover the K125 ICON suspended bookcase v2 by Ponti Terenghi among the most beautiful modern suspended bookcases.

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