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In our store, expert interior consultants will accompany you in choosing the most beautiful proposals for design sofas, also upholstered in leather. Moments of relaxation and conviviality in the living room of every home are shared by relatives and friends thanks to the presence of spacious and comfortable upholstered furniture, which can be placed in a corner, in the center of the room, or against the wall in front of the TV. Count on a wide range of possible designs, from shades to textures, from sizes to shapes: models with a peninsula are waiting for you. In current homes, especially in the living room, sofas and lounges are always present, essential comfortable pieces of furniture to ensure your comfort and that of any potential guest.

Leather sofa with Carol peninsula by Excò

With lounges and sofas with Excò peninsula such as the Carol model in leather, you can complete your furnishing project.

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