Discover our line of modern bathroom furniture and sanitary fixtures in glossy lacquer, such as the Free model in Bronze Metallic color

Thanks to the wide range of modern bathroom furniture solutions with Cerasa sanitary ware, every space becomes pleasant and functional. The well-known and renowned brand offers bathroom furnishings of all kinds, so as to make the furnishing of the environment truly customizable, accessible and versatile. Come and visit us to learn about this and the other high quality models of the company that we present, we will guarantee you total satisfaction once the project is completed. Nowadays the bathroom is no longer just a service area, on the contrary the same care is given to its furnishings as the other domestic environments. The Free Washbasin model in Metallic Bronze by Cerasa in glossy lacquer proposed here furnishes the room in the name of creativity and design, with great refinement. Variety of shapes and colors for the modern bathroom furniture proposals with Cerasa sanitary ware, solutions always devoted to maximum planning.

Free washbasin in Cerasa Bronze Metallic color

Free sanitary ware in Cerasa Bronze Metallic color: discover the modern glossy lacquered bathroom furniture and furnish the bathroom at home.

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