We look forward to designing your office with operational desks such as the A104 Clever model

In our store we present various furnishing compositions with Ponti Terenghi glass operative desks, always in durable and resistant materials over the years. Nowadays Office Furniture must meet the needs of functionality and comfort for workers, those of hospitality and seriousness first of all for customers. First choice materials, a good aesthetic result and a unique design characterize the rich collection of furniture for working environments of the Ponti Terenghi brand. Clever A104 desk with glass top by Ponti Terenghi: tailor-made to complete the working spaces ensuring the comfort of those who work there, with a good aesthetic result. The well-known and well-known brand always moves in line with individual needs, in fact it produces all sorts of office furniture in glass.

Clever A104 desk with glass top by Ponti Terenghi

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